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Win a P90X2 base kit by showing off your “move of the week” on video

Submit a video of yourself doing Tony’s move of the week. Blow us away with your creativity, passion, and good form. You could win big!
Contest Details
Think you can riff off Tony’s move and make it your own? Show us what you’ve got. Watch Tony’s video first, then make one yourself. Get crazy, funny, outrageous, out-there—but don’t forget about good form, and remember, be safe and keep it PG-13. Impress our panel of experts and you could win a P90X2 Base Kit.

We’re giving away P90X2 Base Kits, P90X2 T-shirts, and P90X2 posters, all signed by Tony Horton, PLUS you might win a personal video shout out from the man himself.
How it Works
We’ll post a video of Tony doing the move. So take a look at Tony’s posted video, then create your own. There are two phases to this weekly contest. First, entry videos that are submitted to us will be judged by a Beachbody® panel of eagle-eyed experts—we’ll narrow it down to 5 finalists. Next, we’ll post the finalists and leave the final selection to the toughest judges of all: YOU, the fans. Finally, the winner is announced on Wednesday morning.
Remember, this is a weekly contest, so we’ll go through this entire process 3 times. That’s three chances for you to win a P90X2 Base Kit!
Contest Periods:
Week 1: 11/23–11/29
Week 2: 11/30–12/6
Week 3: 12/7–12/13
You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
Judging Details
Judging will be based on the following:
Creativity: How you incorporate creative elements into your video can get you noticed. This may include use of costumes, makeup, editing, special effects, video location, who or what is performing the move (groups, pets, finger puppets), use of props, lighting, script, and impressions. So let your creativity run free. And most of all— have fun!
Form: We also look at how closely you follow proper form, alignment, and technique as demonstrated by Tony.
Passion for all things P90X®: Incorporating P90Xisms into your video will also add to your score. This could be impressions of Tony from P90X, catch phrases, use of P90X logos with signs, clothing, face paint, or other expressions of P90X loyalty.
Submission Period
The contest runs for 3 consecutive weeks starting November 23rd.

Submissions will be accepted weekly from 9:00 AM Wednesday to the following Sunday at midnight.
Fan Voting Period
From 1:00 PM Monday to 11:59 PM Tuesday.
Winner Announcement
9:00 AM Pacific Time, Wednesday of each week.
(All times are Pacific Time.)
First Prize
A P90X2 Base Kit signed by Tony Horton.
Second Prize
A signed P90X2 T-shirt and signed P90X2 poster. Plus a personal video shout out from Tony Horton.
Third Prize
A signed P90X2 T-shirt and signed P90X2 poster.
Now, tap into your inner creative genius and let your
passion for P90X shine through. And may the best move win!
Need all the details?
Read the Official Rules



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