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What you eat, drink is what you are

Many people don’t realize that nutrition makes up 80 percent of your weight loss progress. So they scarf down burgers and wonder why they are not seeing any results in spite of schlepping to the gym several times a week.

With workouts only contributing about 10-20 percent of the success formula, it becomes strikingly obvious that not eating right will rob you of a healthy body at a healthy weight no matter how much physical activity you use to counter act that.

Realistically, you can lose weight by adjusting your nutrition to low fat, low sugar, limited healthy carbs, lots of vegetables, salads and fruits at about 1500 calories per day without any added exercise.
Working out, however, speeds up your weight loss efforts and helps you go from flabby to fabulously toned while shedding the pounds.

Let’s not forget that drinks carry their own weight in sugar and carbs. Naturally, water is best. But balancing your diet with milk, or juices is actually a good idea if you don’t forget to count the calories. Replacing one meal a day with a healthy shake like Shakeology can not only help you keep your calories in check but also pump your body full of nutrients that aid your immune system, digestion, and simply make you feel great. An occasional drink of alcohol won’t derail your diet, but consuming it on a regular basis will create the proverbial beer belly or tire around your waist.

If you need more guidance making healthy food choices you can download a food diary app to your Android or iPhone. Using it is as easy as checking into places on Facebook or Foursquare. So no excuses. You can also use customized nutrition guides and shopping lists like the ones Beachbody offers with their workout programs. A free workout log is also available along with your free account on the Team Beachbody site, where you can also find a workout buddy or ask any nutrition and training related questions on the forum. You can create your free Team Beachbody account here.

Ultimately, you would not pour sand into your car’s tank and expect it to run smoothly. So, why treat your body like it is a dumpster?



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