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Watch your form to get better results with Les Mills Pump

After one month of doing Les Mills Pump I have discovered that keeping proper form during my workouts makes the difference between seeing results or just getting my sweat on.
What’s even more important, though, is avoiding injury. If I feel  pain during or after the workout I know I have done something wrong and pay extra attention to my form next time around.
What makes LMP so effective is that the variation in speed targets your muscles in different ways. It basically works your fast twitch and slow twitch fibers to produce tighter, stronger muscles. But if your form is off, you are pretty much wasting your time.
Luckily, the LMP trainers always give excellent advice on how to make sure you get it right. Aside from that, you can also put a mirror in your workout space or video tape yourself.
If you can’t maintain proper form with the current weight on your bar, exchange it for lighter discs. You are better off using lower weights while maintaining proper form than using heavy weights with sloppy motions.
How do you make sure your form is spot on? Share your tips in the comment section below.



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