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Reclaim your mind-body-soul connection during phase 1 of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse

Today marks the end of the Reclaim Phase (week 1) of the Ultimate Reset detox program for me (I have 2 more weeks to go). So far the changes have been rather subtle, but nevertheless noteworthy (see pic on right). Although I have only lost two pounds so far, my hair, nails and skin look healthier. Even more importantly, I feel significantly better and can finally sleep through the night.

My favorite experience during this past week has been preparing my own food totally from scratch with whole foods only. Not eating processed food really has a much bigger impact than I ever thought possible– not just on my digestive tract, but on my psyche as well. I can honestly say that I changed my perspective on health food and that I find cooking my own meals empowering, calming, and freeing. Moreover, I appreciate and value the food I eat so much more now.

Granted, buying all ingredients at the health food store, then spending more time in the kitchen can initially cause some stress on a financial and time management level. But you will find that cooking prepares your body and mind for the impending meal and it calms your nerves. So by the time you actually sit down to eat you have a completely different mindset than if you order food at a restaurant or just pop a hot pocket in the microwave.

Keep in mind that stress is very harmful and eating while being stressed can lead to overeating as well as increased fat storage due to the stress hormone telling your body to hold on to all incoming supply for emergencies. Add to that the high calorie and fat value of processed food and you have the perfect formula for weight gain.

Committing to the Ultimate Reset program for three weeks is the best thing I have ever done for my health, especially long term. The lessons on whole food and cooking already set me up for a healthier life style and weight loss success for the rest of my life, even if I did not continue taking the supplements.

Tomorrow starts the Detox Phase which will flush all the gunk out of my system. I cannot wait to see how much my health will improve during this next week.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 




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