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Get a free 30-day supply of ActiVit Multivitamin Formula now

ActiVit Multivitamin FormulaFor a limited time you can get a 30-day supply of ActiVit Multivitamin Formula at no charge (only pay $4.95 shipping and handling).

Basically, you get one bottle of ActiVit (30-day supply) completely for FREE. Then in the following month Beachbody will send you a new bottle and charge your credit card $29.95 if you don’t cancel your subscription. So you would  end up receiving a new bottle of ActiVit every 30 days with FREE shipping as part of this Home Direct subscription program. As always, you can cancel your HD subscription at any time.

ActiVit is formulated with safe and natural, herbal ingredients, and can help enhance your physical and mental wellness, increase bone strength, stimulate your immune system, and slow the affects of aging.

Unlike many other multivitamins it is easy to digest and does not upset your stomach if taken with food.

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