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The return of the Skinny Jeans

After a long time of being neglected in the closet my favorite pair of pants, my beloved Skinny Jeans, finally returned for a day out on the town. It felt fantabulous to have them hug my hips without creating a muffin top. All made possible by Shaun T. and his Insanity workouts.

Only three months ago I suddenly realized that I did not fit into most of my clothes anymore, including my Skinny Jeans. At first I thought I somehow shrunk them by doing the laundry wrong. But when I looked into the mirror there was no denying that I had grown from a size two into something much bigger. The creature staring back at me looked like an over-sized piece of flubber, very much like the one in Ghostbusters, minus the green tint.

Faced with the dilemma of buying fat pants or slimming down, I chose the latter. But it turned out to be much harder than expected. Blame it on age, or stubborn fat cells–the tire around my waste would just not budge.

Then I turned on the TV one fine morning to discover Shaun T. and his minions jumping and twirling like mad athletes. Everyone had rock-hard abs and tight bodies like high performance sports stars. They made power and diamond jumps look like child’s play. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

A few weeks later, I joined Shaun’s minions in my living room and tried to keep up with them while dripping sweat all over my carpet. It was without a doubt the hardest workout I had ever attempted while following instructions from an exercise DVD.

The physical effort paid off as I could watch my body transform back to its former shape in extra slow motion. Oddly enough, the number on the scale went up though, which was slightly disturbing. But after checking out the forums on the Team Beachbody site I felt relieved since many other people reported the same phenomenon.

Now, with 2.5 weeks left in the 60-day Insanity program I am excited about feeling strong, energetic, and slimmer, but I can’t wait to see how much more improvement awaits me on my last two laps to the finish line.

Long live my Skinny Jeans, which inspired me to ban the flubber to Neverland.



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