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The magic happens in month 2 of Insanity

On Day 36 of Insanity God finally let me shed some fat. After 60 minutes of high intensity intervals, I could almost hear the fat sizzling off my hips and thighs. As test I tried on my smallest bikini which finally fit again. To say I was elated would be a huge understatement.

If you are wondering what took so long for that to happen, you are not alone. Although every person differs in genetic makeup and fitness level, most people do see quick results when starting a vigorous exercise program like Insanity.

But for some of us, patience truly is a virtue as all the effort we put into month one seems to go unrewarded– at least on the surface.

Then Shaun T. increases the workout length from 40 to 60 minutes, adds more exercises per interval and before you know it your metabolism runs in hyper drive. WOW.

Personally, I feel like I could compete at the Olympic Games in London next year. My fitness level keeps improving and I just feel awesome all the way around. Not quitting in the absence of results ultimately paid off!



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