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The dangers of overtraining

Sure, we all want a hot body rather sooner than later. But working your butt off will only lead to disappointment. Believe it or not, but overtraining will NOT put you on the fast track to success. Just the opposite.

Especially with a program like Insanity, which comes with a workout schedule of six consecutive workouts per week, the danger of over-training is extremely high. Even more so for fitness-newbies.

When I first started Insanity I was so exhausted and sore that I took a break after the third day. It’s impossible to perform well or produce any results when you are literally beating your muscles to death. Since every workout creates damage on your muscle tissue it is imperative to give your body the necessary break to repair and rebuild the tissue. Of course, eating the right nutritiants is equally important.

If you are not used to working out six days a week it is best to build your stamina and muscle tissue gradually. You can still follow the program’s schedule. Just take a day off whenever your body needs it. You will be so much stronger for it and before you know it you will be able to log six workouts in a row without any trouble.

This is in fact also going to produce results much faster than pushing your body way past exhaustion.

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you in pain?
  • Are you overly tired?
  • Are you experiencing loss of appetite?
  • Are you not seeing any results?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you answered “yes” to at least two of the questions above you should take a day off from working out. Keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day.

Always listen to your body and enjoy your workouts.  They should be challenging, but not to the point that you can’t function anymore.

“The body never lies.” 
~Martha Graham



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