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Take the Summer Butt Challenge

Summer Butt ChallengeYou may think summer is still a long time away, so why worry about getting your booty bikini-ready now. But change takes time and effort. So if you truly want to shed those holiday pounds that have creeped on over Thanksgiving and Christmas the time to start is now.

When you take the Summer Butt Challenge you will workout with the Brazil Butt Lift Workout program for 30 days. Depending on your individual goals you will workout 3-6 days a week and follow the included nutrition guide. Because at the end of the day, you simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Watch the video to see what Brazil Butt Lift workouts are like:

You should know that even some of the Victoria’s Secret models stay in shape with Brazil Butt Lift workouts. In other words, this workout program is true butt-shaping science that employs the triangle training method to help you defy gravity and get the best booty you have ever had.

Adding Shakeology to your nutrition plan will definitely speed up your progress, as you will be feeding your body all the nutrients and energy it needs to help you achieve your goals.

You can actually save up to $100 when you get the challenge pack (workout program & Shakeology) and sign up to take the Beachbody Challenge. Just follow the steps during the registration process and then choose Brazil Butt Lift as your workout program along with your preferred Shakeology flavor.

BBL coachOnce you have ordered your Brazil Butt Lift program and/or registered for the challenge, I will add you to my private challenge group for daily accountability check-ins and motivation. Just be sure to send me a quick message here to reserve your spot in my group.




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