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Reshape your entire body with Brazil Butt Lift Maximum Results

If you have already done one round of Brazil Butt Lift for 30 days you should seriously consider getting the upgrade workouts in the BBL Maximum Results pack.
These workouts are as compact and intense as your now hopefully tight booty. And don’t worry about getting bored– Leandro Carvalho keeps you busy non-stop with some entirely new moves as well as some adjusted exercises from the original set. Plus, the additional medium and maximum stretch bands as well as the ankle weights leave plenty of possibilities for variations that will keep your muscles guessing.
Watch this video of me doing BBL Rio Extreme:

Best of all, you really work every muscle in your body from head to toe with cardio and strength exercises. In other words, these workouts are real fat blasters and promise to produce maximum results in minimum time– and not just for your rear end!!
Personally, I can’t get enough of BBL since this workout series has effectively melted my most stubborn female problem areas. Granted, there is still room for improvement. But I have no doubt that Rio Extreme, Abs Rapido and Upper Cuts will take care of the rest and then effectively maintain these fabulous results.
On a side note, unlike the Insanity workouts BBL has not caused me any knee or back pain (let’s face it–I’m not getting any younger!!). Instead my body has gotten stronger and leaner while I can honestly say that I have never felt better.
Of course, your results will depend greatly on your nutrition and consistency. Fortunately, I can eat a little more now thanks to my new muscles that keep burning calories even when I am not working out.
All things considered, BBL really helps me look and feel my best, not to mention that I have a blast with the workouts. Pretty soon I shall be ready to walk among the hot bodies in Brazil!!!



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