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Weight Loss Challenge Packs
Weight loss challenge packs will provide you with the tools for successful, long-term weight loss. They also help you save money since the included products are discounted for challenge participants. Simply pick the home workout program and Shakeology flavor of your choice. Then send Coach Astrid a message so that she can add you to the appropriate challenge group and you will receive free coaching, motivation and support.

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7 reasons why home workouts are better than a gym membership

MMA home workout programLast month I was intrigued by a special offer on LivingSocial.com for a 2-week membership to a boxing gym. Although I was already doing the MMA home workout program Les Mills Combat I decided to give “boxing for fitness” a shot.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be money not so well spent as the promised 1-on-1 fitness training turned out to be one coach trying to help several different groups of people at the same time. I honestly felt like I would have gotten more out of a 30 minute workout at home than the 90 minutes I spent in that chaos.

Aside from the lack of attention, I did have some fun trying to get the hang of the speed bag and I really took out all of my agression on the big punching bag to the point where my hand got bruised. But I never went back after that one “class.”

Here is why I believe that home workouts are much better than gym memberships: Read more…

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Save money on workout programs, fitness gear in June (with free coaching!)

Published on June 3, 2013 by in savings
Beachbody june saleAre you still struggling with that muffin top but want to get your body beach-ready A.S.A.P? Help is on the way! These amazing special offers on Beachbody workout programs and fitness gear will help you kick your weight loss and fitness efforts into high gear.
But hurry– while supplies last! Free coaching from me comes standard with each purchase on the Team Beachbody site if you use the direct links for each item BELOW! If you have questions about anything PLEASE contact me, I am here to help you!
SizzlingSummer_Beachbody sale
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