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Only 3 more days to get Xmas delivery on P90X2 orders

Beachbody has extended its guaranteed delivery of P90X2 orders by Christmas (Dec.25) for all orders placed by Dec.15!

So, if you know someone who likes P90X you should seriously tell them about the sequel, P90X2, which is in fact, the evolution of exercise science. Even P90X newbies would benefit greatly from trying P90X2 since it is fully customizable to their current fitness level.

In other words, P90X2 will help anyone who is willing to do the workouts on five days a week. That’s right, it’s all about quality rather than quantity. Creator Tony Horton has honed in on the most effective techniques to help you get maximum benefits in the least amount of time possible.

It’s like getting nitro for your car…va va vroom. Before you know it your body will be like a Porsche engine–assuming you adjust your nutrition accordingly. You may be able to have it “your way” at Burger King, but there will be serious payback later when you look into the mirror since junk food goes straight to your waist line–with a vengeance!! Needless to say, what you eat will also affect your workout performance since you can’t fill your tank with garbage and expect the engine to run smoothly.

If you are still wondering what P90X2 has to offer, take a quick look at this video:

As icing on the cake you get two free workouts if you order P90X2 from a Team Beachbody coach.



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