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My second experience with Insanity:The Asylum brings out the beast in me

Guillaume Coufleau knows that no one messes with Asylum Grads

By Guillaume Coufleau--Guest Blogger & Team Beachbody VIP Member

About one year ago I started my first round of Insanity: The Asylum. At the time I was freshly hooked on the Beachbody fitness programs and headed straight for the Asylum after my first round of Insanity, knowing little about it– yet pretty confident. The reality hit me like a train at full speed: Asylum was the hardest training I had ever done in my entire life and it really pushed me to my limits and beyond. I think I even heard Shaun T in my head sometimes saying “Oh you think you knew? You have no clue! Now speed up!”… but I digress.

A few days ago I decided to get back to the Asylum wondering how I could handle it after having done a few other programs and recently a round of Les Mills Pump and its Ultimate Cross Training Hybrid option.

The first workout was Speed & Agility and even though I felt solid on my legs and happy to experience that intensity again I quickly found myself in the exact same situation I was one year before: a huffing and puffing fountain of sweat hating on Shaun T. How disappointing. The good surprise came the next day though with the Strength workout. I remember it was always a tough one for me in my first round but this time I went through it sticking to Shaun T’s pace during the entire workout. Of course it was no walk in the park but my legs, my arms, my shoulders were definitely stronger.

 It’s obvious to me that doing Les Mills Pump is the reason why I found the push-ups, squats, bicep curls, shoulder presses easier this time around. I nailed it for good the following day with Back to Core. I had never felt my back so strong before and when came the time of the swimmer band exchange exercise — a nightmare during my first round — it amazed me how smoothly I passed it this time around.

As I’m writing these lines I have an eye on my schedule and I anxiously look at my next treat: Vertical Plyo — my nemesis. After squatting and lunging with 30lbs on the barbell during Les Mills Pump and doing the Step workout several times I have the feeling I can jump around along with Shaun T and his minions. Bring it!



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