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My last 7 days of Insanity: expect daily miracles!

As my 60 days of Insanity are coming to an end I can see a difference in my physique on a daily basis. It’s really astonishing, considering I was not making much visible progress in the first month. But somehow, my body seems to have gone into overdrive. And while the workouts are still tough, I have to admit that I seem to do better in sense of speed, balance and endurance.
With only 6 Insanity workouts left on my schedule, I am anxious to reach the finish line–just to do it all over again, most likely in a hybrid pairing Insanity with the Brazil Butt Lift. Let’s face it, my butt and thighs still need special attention.
If you wonder if my transformation can be solely attributed to Shaun T.’s insane interval drills, the answer is “no.” While the workouts have contributed greatly to losing fat and building new muscle for a more toned physique, I have to admit that I did not start seeing major progress until I added Shakeology and the Recovery Drink to my daily nutrition.
In fact, the Recovery Drink has helped me go harder during the workouts as I always seemed to lack the necessary energy before.
Shakeology has been a healthy snack for me, that seems to make me feel really great all over. On a busy day I sometimes even use it as meal replacement and skip cooking dinner or lunch.
Either way, adding this combo delivered a major breakthrough in my performance and results. I only wish I had added it in month one as was suggested by fellow Insanity junkies.
Last but not least, I am totally psyched to report that all my clothes fit again. In fact, I can put away anything bigger than size 2 now and I am comfortable in my bikini again. Even went to the beach last weekend. 



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