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Muscle Burns Fat and keeps you young

Trainer Megan Davies created the MBF workouts to incinerate unwanted body fat

If you have been looking for a secret weapon to whip your aging, flabby body back into shape, look no further than the Muscle Burns Fat (mbf) workout program. It’s a blend of weight training and cardio sessions that will melt any unwanted fat right off your problem areas with daily workouts streamed right into the comfort of your living room. Trainer Megan Davies makes it easy to follow her symmetrical and asymmetrical exercises even if you have never worked out with weights before.

Needless to say, building muscles also has the positive side effect of you being stronger and feeling more energetic throughout your day, no extra dose of caffeine required. Not to mention that stronger muscles also aid in injury prevention.

Of course this doesn’t mean that mbf workouts will turn you into the Hulk. But you will definitely end up with a leaner physique since muscle tissue has a higher density than fat. So even if your body weight does not change significantly, you should be able to fit better into your clothes thanks to the inches lost. Make sure to measure yourself before and after the 3-week program to evaluate your weight loss and transformation results.

Don’t forget about nutrition

Know what else happens when you work out with weights? Your metabolism goes into hyper drive. In other words, you burn more calories throughout the day, even when you are sitting at your desk. And yes, you might feel hungrier than usual as a result. That’s why it is important to seriously commit to healthy nutrition. Otherwise you are just sabotaging yourself. If you need help in this department, you can use the Ultimate Portion Fix Kit or the 2B Mindset Kit. Both are designed to help you change and understand your daily nutrition choices for life, not as temporary diet fix.

Check out the 30-minute sample workout video below:

Ready to get your sweat on with #mbf? Click here to access the complete program via Beachbody on Demand.



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