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Making it to Emerald Coach was worth every ounce of patience and effort

After five months as Team Beachbody Coach I finally got promoted to the esteemed level of Emerald Coach and I gotta tell you, the perks are simply awesome!
Not only do I benefit from the activities of all coaches placed under me by me and my upline but I also get customer referrals from Beachbody now. It’s like the proverbial icing on the cake, with the cake being my personal coach activities. This job just keeps getting better. In fact, it is the best job I ever had.
If you wonder what took me so long to make it to Emerald if it has that many advantages, I can assure you that I had my eyes set on it from day one. Sometimes we just have to bide our time while building a solid foundation. At other times we just need a catalyst. In my case it was a little bit of both. Finding out about my father’s deteriorating health gave me the drive to increase my activities and sharpen my focus so that I will be able to help my parents in any way possible.
Ultimately, having a strong “why” has definitely helped me earn this promotion, but having good friends who always believe in me and encourage me was without a doubt equally important.
Last but not least, I truly believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God has really showered me with blessings this month– including earning the rank of Emerald Coach.
My next goal is to help everyone on my team make it to Emerald as well.



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