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Defy gravity, age with the Ipanema Booty workout

Ipanema Booty workoutIf you wanna know what to expect from the Ipanema Booty workout which is part of the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series program, I would describe it as a combination of Les Mills Pump principles with Brazil Butt Lift focus on your precious rear end.

Les Mills Pump uses the rep effect with a variation in speed, weights, and length of movement (remember the half-way curls?) to build lean, sexy muscles in the fastest way possible. BBL creator, Leandro Carvalho, applied this strategy to his tried and true exercises from his infamous Bum Bum , High and Tight, and Sculpt workouts to create this Master piece workout, Ipanema Booty. The goal is to you make your  booty even rounder while defying gravity (and age) with an additional lift–no liposuction necessary .

But in spite of the familiar elements from the original BBL workouts, Ipanema Booty really feels significantly different.  The rep effects resulted in major muscle failure of my butt cheeks while my hips and thighs still felt fine.

Ipaneman booty workoutUnlike in High and Tight, Carvalho works both sides of your body before moving on to the next exercise, which gives your buttocks a much needed break. He does this in intervals, very similar to the Insanity workouts.

I can honestly say, that this is by far one of the hardest workouts Carvalho has created due to the increased intensity although it is only 35 minutes long. Make no mistake, this program will without a doubt help you create the best butt of your life–no matter your age!



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