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Inspire your family, friends to a healthier life style

With only three workouts left in my 60-day Insanity program I am psyched about the results I have gotten so far. What makes me even happier, though, is my son’s desire to work out with me.

Fighting the obesity epidemic starts in your own circle of influence, after all. And encouraging your friends and family to lead a more active and healthy life style has nothing to do with acceptance of who they are at their current weight and shape, but rather concern for their well-being.

I don’t want my son to grow up with diabetes, heart and joint problems due to being overweight. On the same side of the coin I want my parents to live long, healthy lives. Naturally, I also want my friends to be healthy and happy. And while I am certainly not forcing anyone do Insanity with me, I share my progress pictures and experiences with everyone openly so that they may take from it whatever they want or need.

My parents started a moderate exercise program consisting of walking and a little weight lifting. They look and feel better. In fact, they both look 20 years younger, I kid you not. At the same time they travel more, have more energy and are all-around way more positive than ever before.

My son has been watching me jump around in our living room while dripping sweat all over our carpet in a feeble attempt to keep up with Shaun T. and his minions. As time went on, he noticed that my performance improved and I can actually now in fact complete all exercises without having to take any additional breaks. I guess he figured “if mom can do this, so can I” and suddenly wanted to join me. And while he did not make it very far with Insanity, I have ordered him Shaun T.’s Fit Kids workout program so he can enjoy being active on his current fitness level.

My best friend, G, has always been very athletic and very active without the need for workout DVDs. But he tried Insanity and P90X to humor me. And voila, he got even more ripped and improved his athletic performance at surfing and all the other kinds of sports he does. He has also been my biggest cheerleader and I can’t thank him enough for that. Because he motivated me to keep going in spite of seeing any major results in the first month of Insanity. So thank you, G!!!!

Ultimately, you always have to remember that your actions (or lack thereof) speak volumes about your beliefs and attitudes. Fitness is not about being conceited or shallow. Instead, fitness is dedication to being healthy and wanting the people in your life to be healthy as well. So, find a way to incorporate a workout schedule that fits into your life without derailing everything else you have going on. But do eliminate all the negative influences such as frequent late night outs and excessive eating and drinking. Before you know it you will experience life in a whole new way.



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