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Insane Abs or how get that elusive six-pack

Most of us want tight and ripped abs, preferably in a six pack. But the world might never get a glimpse of your muscles unless you shed the fat first. An intense workout program like Insanity with abs exercises from all possible angles will definitely get you several steps closer to your goal. Following the right nutrition makes up 80 percent of the progress, though.

During my 60 days of Insanity I noticed my obliques shaping up first. Not only do we lose fat on our sides first, but we can actually feel our obliques in action during many normal tasks throughout the day. Keeping those muscles working is vital for burning more fat and further strengthening the tissue. Belly fat, on the other hand, consists of the most stubborn fat cells and is as a result notoriously difficult to get rid of.

One of the reasons why regular crunches will never, ever produce the six pack you have been dreaming of is simply that they don’t stimulate the whole set of core muscles, no matter how many reps you do.

Insanity workouts, on the other hand, not only make you burn mad calories with intense cardio, but also effectively utilize your core muscles in each and every exercise. Shaun T. even takes it a step further with Cardio Abs which provides intense ab exercises that will push you to the brink of Insanity. The deluxe version, Insane Abs, is designed to be even more challenging. But I honestly got more out of Cardio Abs.

Skipping all alcohol for most of those 60 days made a huge difference in my midsection. Let’s face it– beer is clearly not your friend where your waste line is concerned. The amount of calories alcoholic beverages deliver will most certainly wreck your daily budget and get stored as fat cells. To make matters worse, your metabolism gets slowed down and your body functions at about 60 percent of it’s pre-alcohol capacity the next day. All things considered, having a drink may just not be worth it if you truly enjoy a healthy and active life style.

On my quest to the elusive six-pack I have gotten close enough to see its outline. I still have more belly fat to get rid of and will continue to mix Cardio Abs and Insane Abs into my Brazil Butt Lift workout program while sticking to clean nutrition without alcohol. It may take another 60 days, but I am determined to get there.



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