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How to figure out the best time of the day to work out

Figuring out the best time of the day to work out can pose a challenge in itself. Aside from a full-time work schedule most people also juggle family responsibilities which leaves only small windows of opportunity to squeeze in a workout. But even those can get compromised by lack of energy or possible unwanted side effects such as insomnia after a late night cardio session.
No matter which factors are part of the equation for you, the most important goal should be consistency. It is better to settle for five 30 minute workouts each week than opt for a random 1-hour sweat sessions.
Here are some tips on finding the best time-management for your fitness regime:

  1. Listen to your body! While pushing yourself is definitely recommended, you should know your own limits and energy levels well enough to choose the appropriate length of time for your workout.
  2. Plan ahead! Eat a healthy snack or meal to make sure your body has enough energy and get a good night’s sleep. For example, if you know you want to work out first thing in the morning eat a carb-rich dinner and go to bed early enough to get at least 6 hours of sleep.
  3. Adjust your workout schedule to your stress level. In other words, pick the workout that helps you de-compress when you need to. Some people achieve a balance of mind and body best with yoga or pilates. Others need some kind of full-contact activity like boxing or martial arts. Choose whatever works for you.
  4. Stay flexible! If something does get in the way of your planned workout, stay calm and reschedule it for later. As the saying goes:”Better late than never!”



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