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How Shakeology helped beat the munchies and stopped my zombie-transformation

On my recent trip to Germany I shared my Shakeology supply with my family to let them experience the benefits of this ueber-healthy shake for themselves. Needless to say, they were hooked.

When I returned home, however, I had to wait a couple of days for my next month’s supply of Shakeology to be delivered by Beachbody. The difference in my well-being was shockingly noticeable as I felt tired and hungry all the time. As a result, I was extremely tempted to launch my body into a caffeine over-dose although I had successfully weaned myself off coffee months ago when I started drinking Shakeology.

Short of scarfing down sugar in any shape or form to battle fatigue I opted for tea instead (with 2 spoons of sugar). Sadly, I only felt a little, short-lived improvement before my energy levels dropped again. To make matters worse, I ended up with those infamous munchies that make you stuff everything within your sight into your eagerly waiting mouth.

To make the long story short, I gained a new appreciation for Shakeology and the huge, positive difference it made in my nutrition and well-being.  Not only did it help me feel better without any negative side effects but even more importantly, it boosted my metabolism while keeping my blood sugar level in check and infusing my body with much needed nutrients. Getting all these benefits from readily available food is close to impossible!!!

When I finally got my Shakeology in the mail I was close to being a zombie so it was a total life-saver!! I guess it’s human nature to only fully appreciate things we are missing. But make no mistake– I intend to drink Shakeology daily for the rest of my life from now on!!!



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