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How I sculpted the best butt of my life in 28 days with Brazil Butt Lift

Yes, I was skeptical at first after trying countless workout DVD’s from various companies that did not deliver the promises of a better body or buns of steel even. Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift, however, is without a doubt the real deal.

Don’t believe me?? Just check out my progress pics on the left.

Granted, 60 days of Insanity helped me lose 15 pounds and improve my athletic performance. But my female problem areas of butt, thighs and hips were still flabby and HUGE. My butt looked like a deflated balloon that had been filled with sand. My thighs were resembling funnels and my hips–muffin tops, anyone??

I knew another 60 days of Insanity might further shrink those unsightly body parts, but would hardly reshape them.

My research lead to me BBL which promised a whole new body in 30 days. I figured one month is not an eternity and decided to give it a shot. It only took one workout (High & Tight) for me to realize that Leandro Carvalho had butt science down to a ‘T.’ Yes, it never burned so good– in all the right places.

I decided to use the combination workout schedule to shrink and tone my rear end at the same time. Most days I worked out 60 minutes with two different workouts. The Cardio Axe workout was honestly not my cup of tea because I found the choreography confusing (or maybe I just have two left feet). So I replaced that with running a few miles. I figured any cardio will do, although his dance moves do work those target zones quite nicely if you can keep up with him.

Unfortunately, I did have beer a few times and even bad carbs like pizza occasionally. But for the most part, I ate healthy and drank my Shakeology every day.

Of course, there is still plenty of room for improvement. But my pics proof that the workouts do deliver and I am honestly impressed with the progress I have achieved in 28 days. Needless to say, I am considering doing another round of BBL — without beer this time.



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