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How I revolutionized my fitness regime with Beachbody workouts

By Guillaume Coufleau Guest blogger
As sports addict and former longtime soccer player exercising has always been an important part of my life. However, as surfing and snowboarding became my favorite activities after I stopped playing soccer, my workout routine turned into a simple maintenance drill mostly based on random jogging, swimming and Pilates sessions to keep me active until the snow and the waves join the party.
A big change happened in 2011 when my best friend introduced me to Beachbody’s Insanity program. Because of my perception of fitness at the time I was kinda skeptical about jumping around in front of my TV screen following an instructor. Yep, that’s what I thought it was about but I gave it a shot regardless.
As I was going through Insanity I fully experienced a “kick in the butt” effect that I didn’t expect at all. To follow the pace imposed by Shaun T and his minions was incredibly tough and I finished my workouts out of breath and dripping sweat all over the place. I found myself enjoying it a lot and
actually wanting more. And I found it with Insanity: The Asylum. That was (and still is) the hardest physical activity I ever tried. In that program Shaun T literally becomes a drill instructor pushing you to your limit and let’s be honest here, I probably cursed him as often as he yelled at me (or so I thought he was doing). The journey continued with P90X and Brazil Butt Lift, both less intense but certainly not less effective and as I’m writing this I’m entering phase two of P90X2.
My Beachbody experience was not limited to fitness programs though and another change in my habits happened when I tried P90X result & recovery formula and started to include Shakeology to my not so balanced diet. I’m not a fan of supplements at all but I truly realized the benefit of that healthy shake on my body during a challenge I was doing at the time: pairing Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift.  It amazed me to actually be able to handle my physically challenging job and two or three workouts a day with no loss of energy whatsoever, no detoriation of my athletic performance, and no significant muscle fatigue. In addition to that Shakeology definitely put an end to my recurrent cravings at work.

The result for me is crystal clear: my physical condition is at a level I’ve never had before and I feel
healthier than ever. And the impact has not only been positive on  my surfing and snowboarding
performances but also on my sleep, stress and my productivity at work.



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