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How I experienced the “Miracle of Beachbody” on New Year’s Eve

This New Years Eve was quite memorable for me in more than one way. However, one experience stands out more than all others: my parents were able to enjoy one of their best and happiest New Year’s Eves together in years–thanks to Shakeology and the Shakeology workouts.

As medical professionals both of my parents were actually quite skeptical when I first told them about the countless health benefits Shakeology provides, such as an improved immune system and digestion, as well as increased energy and weight loss.

Since both of them had been struggling with the aftermath of too many fad diets and subsequent multiplied unwanted pounds for the past 30 years they knew that many products don’t deliver on the promises they make. Needless to say, they were skeptical to try yet another thing that sounded to good to be true.

But when I gave them Shakeology paired with the Shakeology Workouts for Christmas they were willing to at least give it a shot.

I can’t begin to describe the almost instant positive changes in my mom especially. Although she had never done any sports in her entire life she agreed to do the 30-minute-long, full-body Shakeology workout with me for 10 minutes. But once we started she was hooked and ended up doing the entire 30 minutes. To her own astonishment she really enjoyed not only the exercises but even more importantly, how awesome she felt afterward. It was like an epiphany for both of us. Not because I doubted the benefits before. I just did not expect her to feel the difference in her physical (increased energy/metabolism) and psychological (endorphines!) state immediately.

Adding Shakeology to the mix only amplified the positive effects of the workout. My mom suddenly went from tired and almost lethargic to youthful, energetic and sincerely happy, just feeling good about herself and life.

My dad has always been a huge fitness enthusiast, but was never able to coax my mom into an active lifestyle before. Now he does not have to try motivate her anymore because she has finally embraced the benefits of working out.

To make the long story short: my parents decided to join some friends at a New Years Eve Party in a spur-of-the-moment-last-minute decision because they both just felt so great physically and mentally.  They ended up having the time of their lives and N-O-T-H-I-N-G could have been a better gift and start of 2012 for me then seeing them this happy and active while knowing that this “miracle” had been made possible by Beachbody’s Holy Grail, Shakeology paired with workouts!



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