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How I benefit from Brazil Butt Lift during Insanity workouts

After completing my first round of Insanity earlier this year I switched to Brazil Butt Lift and then back to Insanity this week for a second 60-day cycle of high intensity workouts. Amazingly, I get even more out of Insanity this time around–but not just because I have been there and done that before.

To give credit where credit is due I have to admit that Brazil Butt Lift gave me amazing power in my legs which has translated into higher jumps and more reps during Insanity. Needless to say, I can power through the workouts with even more effort and less pain. In fact, this time around there has been no pain whatsoever in my knees or lower back, unlike during my first Insanity cycle.

When it comes down to it, we have to remember that our muscles can be worked from different angles. BBL applies the triangle technique to sculpt the perfect booty. But along the way it also works the inner and outer thighs from different angles for longer and leaner legs. It goes without saying that the end result provides the perfect basis for Insanity workouts which include plenty of jumping and running as staples.

The higher intensity and increased focus on cardio that sets Insanity apart from other programs holds great value for athletes and people who can be described as so-called endorphine junkies. Guilty as charged.
Taking a break from Insanity after completing the 60-day cycle in favor of a different workout program has, however, really helped me break through any plateus while making me even stronger, faster and more efficient.

Ultimately, Insanity will always be my first love when it comes to effective and fun workout programs. I do believe that variety is the spice of life and the basis for a healthy and active lifestyle, though. As such, I am already planning my switch to P90X2 at the end of my second Insanity cycle. Until then, I will follow Shaun T.’s advice and dig deeper.



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