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How high can you jump?

During my INSANITY® Core Cardio & Balance workout today I had one of those proverbial “aha” moments when Shaun T. said:”It’s not about how many [reps] you do, it’s about how high you jump.”

Essentially, that means to me that quality outweighs quantity yet again. But how do you apply that to your fitness routine? Any fitness routine for that matter.

The answer to that question is form and focus. Sure, reps are important to track your progress and measure how hard you are working. However, any number of reps becomes obsolete if your form stinks. In other words, doing 15 wishy-washy reps is as good as sitting on your couch and watching TV.

Shaun always reminds us to focus on our core to make sure we are using it to get the most out of each exercise.

In case you are not sure if your form is correct, use a mirror or ask yourself if you are feeling any kind of muscle exhaustion or burn. If you don’t feel much of anything chances are you did not utilize the appropriate muscle group due to improper form and lack of focus.

On another note, I have really grown to love these plyometric exercises and found that I can jump significantly higher than I ever thought I could. Never underestimate the power of a focused mind!



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