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How does P90X2 compare to Brazil Butt Lift?

Although I just started P90X2 last week, my preliminary assessment lead me to the conclusion that it does not target my female problem zones of butt, thighs and hips as effectively as Brazil Butt Lift does. Granted, P90X2 does wonders for your core and overall fitness. But after one week of P90X2 I sneaked in a BBL workout today which incidentally was my official rest day and ended up getting sore from it while P90X2 failed to create any kind of burn during or after the workouts.

Naturally, every b-o-d-y is different and my personal experience is in no way a global rule. It does, however, stress the importance of listening to your own body rather than blindly following any exercise routine. If you don’t feel challenged at all during the workout it most likely is not doing much for you. The no pain, no gain motto comes to mind and certainly applies here.

The lack of pain or burn should not be confused with lack of visual results, though. It takes time to reshape your body with healthy nutrition and exercise. So don’t expect to see a “new you” when you look into the mirror after each workout. The only things that will change instantly are your mood and metabolism. Once again, a lack of muscle burn indicates a lack of progress on your fitness and weight loss journey.

In my case, I have decided to continue with a P90X2/BBL hybrid to get the best of both worlds. Tony Horton does stress the point that his programs are designed for 90 days so I believe that I will be able to improve my fitness with P90X2 in a slow, long-term progress. I just really enjoy BBL and figure it can’t hurt to add some TLC for my booty.



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