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Got weakness? Try E & E formula

energy and endurance formula

Got weakness? Try E & E formula

If you are like me, you might have one particular muscle group that remains ridiculously slow at improving. My so-called Achilles’ heel has been my triceps. You should have seen me doing triceps dips…–let’s just say my performance was not impressive.

I was pretty close to giving up on ever developing a decent triceps to get rid of the sagging tissue on my upper arm. Although I am not a big fan of fitness supplements I decided to try the new Energy & Endurance Formula from Beachbody which turned out to be a total life saver, or triceps saver in my particular case. Since it delayed the muscle fatiguing I was able to push through triceps dips and all kinds of other triceps-targeting exercises with amazing strength. Needless to say, my form improved drastically, too, not to mention my now nicely shaped arms.
Of course, your other muscle groups will benefit from the increased energy and endurance as well. You may just not notice it as much as when your weak muscles suddenly turn into herculean tissue.
Now, imagine yourself doing cardio with the E & E Formula in your system. Flash Gordon will trail you by a mile and a half!
The best part is that you won’t have to worry about adding any sugar to your diet since this supplement is sugar-free. But naturally, the ingredients will affect everyone differently. The best way to gauge the effect on your own body is to just try one scoop in a glass of water the first time you use it.
Last but not least, if you prefer to work out on an empty stomach E & E will help you push through without the risk of poor performance. It just really helps you get the most out of your workout



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