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Focus T25 third week review | Change your body composition in 25 minutes per day

Focus T25 third week reviewAfter three weeks of working out with Shaun T’s new program Focus T25 for only 25 minutes a day I have noticed significant change in my body composition. While the number on the scale has not changed all that much as far as total pounds lost are concerned, I was thrilled to see that I have lost 6 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscles.

Since muscle tissue is much denser than fat tissue, this re-composition of my body translates into lost inches and much looser-fitting clothes.

Another benefit of having more muscles is my increased metabolism and higher energy levels. So I am now burning more calories even when I am not working out.

If you have been struggling with weight loss or have hit a plateau in your athletic performance, you should absolutely give Focus T25 a try! Each 25-minute workout will push you to your limits and burn as many calories as a 50-minute workout due to its intensity and non-stop action. You pretty much never stop moving and time literally flies by.

Some Insanity workout program grads may want to skip the Alpha phase (first 5 weeks) and start with the Beta phase instead since Alpha is designed to build a base level of fitness that most people already have after completing Insanity.

Although I have completed several rounds of Insanity I am sticking to the program schedule because I want to gauge my results to better be able to help others achieve their goals with this program.

Shaun T. keeps reminding us that the workouts will get harder as you progress and the schedule also changes every week to avoid complacency.

Of course, nutrition is the key to producing any results with T25. I have been following the program’s nutrition guide and need to stress the importance of feeding your muscles after each workout. Don’t try to starve yourself and make sure you eat at enough lean protein to help your body repair muscles and avoid soreness. Your body cannot build new muscles if you don’t provide it with the needed nutrients.

You can follow my T25 progress on Pinterest where I post my daily progress pics. Feel free to contact me with any questions and let me know if you want to be part of my T25 challenge group in August! Click here to order your Focus T25 base kit!



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