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Focus T25 first week review | 5 reasons why you should try T25

Focus T25 workout program Week 1 results

If you have been making excuses like: “I have no time to work out,” Insanity creator Shaun T has made it super-easy for you to get back on track with your fitness and weight loss goals with his new workout program, Focus T25.

Each workout is indeed only 25 minutes short and the time literally flies by since there are no breaks. The non-stop, focused action will make you work twice as hard in half the time so that you can get awesome results.

No matter if you want to lose weight, tone up, or improve your speed and agility– T25 will help you get it done!

After completing the first week of Focus T25, I am very impressed with my results: I lost 2 pounds and my clothes got significantly looser. Achieving these results with only 25 minutes-workouts is remarkable (cooldown stretch at the end is optional).

I have to admit that I was initially skeptical since I thought that an effective workout should be at least 45 minutes long like the awesome Insanity workouts. But Shaun T has proven me wrong. By tweaking each exercise and making you focus on your form he manages to get your heart rate up and work your muscles in ways you never thought possible. So instead of just going through the motions, you are really giving your body a ZEN-like tune-up. I absolutely love it.

Maintaining the correct form is paramount, though, and he reminds us of this often. Even the modifier moves will make you work hard, just without the high impact. So I think that T25 can work for pretty much anyone who is willing to give it 100 percent for 25 minutes straight. Age really should not be a factor.

T25 phases: Alpha, Beta, Gamma

Focus T25 has three phases: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The base program provides the Alpha and Beta workouts. Gamma is available as upgrade. Each phase consists of 5 weeks with 5 days of workouts per week. On each fifth day of the week the schedule calls for a double with two 25-minute workouts. But the second workout for that day can be moved to Saturday if working out for 50 minutes is not possible or according to your personal preference.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try Focus T25:

  1. Time savings: Do more in less time. These 25- minutes workouts will make you burn as many calories as a 50-minute workout due to the intensity and focus.
  2. Break through a plateau: By changing your workout routine in terms of length and intensity you will surprise your body, which in turn can help you break through a weight loss or athletic performance plateau.
  3. Improve body-mind connection: Due to the required focus during each exercise you won’t just go through the motions while thinking about work or other things.
  4. Eliminate excuses: Get back on track with your fitness at any age. Even a very busy person can find 25 minutes to work out on five/six days a week.
  5. Get killer abs: T25 will help you get the elusive six-pack since each exercise utilizes the core.

If you want to be part of my Focus T25 challenge group, please contact me here for more information.



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