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Cut your weekly grocery’s bill in half with Shakeology

shakeology health drink for weight lossLet’s face it–everyone has to be more fiscally responsible in this tough economy. So if you have been looking for ways to save money without sacrificing your healthy life style, you should consider adding the meal replacement shake, Shakeology, to your daily diet. Although I originally started drinking Shakeology purely for the health benefits and to support my weight loss goals, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I was spending much less on groceries and eating out as a result.

No matter if you use Shakeology as snack, meal, or multivitamin–it will leave you full and satisfied for up to four hours while reducing cravings. As a result, you will eat less on a daily basis which in turn means that you won’t have to buy as much food at the grocery’s store, leading to a potential savings of about 50 percent on your weekly grocery bill. As added bonus you will feel and look so much better due to the over 70 nutrients packed into it Shakeology paired with your improved eating habits.

Especially if you are watching your daily calorie intake Shakeology will make it easy to stay within your calorie budget with only 140 calories per shake. Naturally, you will have to add calories for any additional ingredients you mix into it. But you certainly cannot beat the nutrient-to-calorie ratio.

Looking back I honestly regret waiting so long to get Shakeology because I thought it was too expensive. As Team Beachbody coach, however, I only pay about $3 per shake which is about $90 a month. At the same time I am saving $50 a week on groceries ($200 per month) and still come out ahead with a savings of $110 on groceries alone. Opting for Shakeology instead of eating out easily increases my savings further to at least $200 per month.

There really is no better or easier way to boost your immune system and improve your nutrition while also being fiscally responsible.



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