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Burn those fat layers in record time with Les Mills Pump

I’m absolutely and utterly in love with Les Mills Pump. This workout program has it all: great music, inspiring trainers, and super-effective moves. But above all, it makes perfect sense to me. Building muscles that keep my metabolism elevated long after I stop working out helps me counteract my sedentary life style (I sit at a desk all day!). Plus, I have always preferred a strong, lean body with shapely muscles over flabbiness (no matter what size I am).
Aside from this awesome benefit of turning my body into a fat-burning machine with LMP’s Rep Effect I also genuinely enjoy the workouts. They are so much fun that time is literally flying by. A 20-minutes workout only feels like 5 minutes. Seriously.
One of the trainers, Les Mills Jr. (the grandson of the original master mind Les Mills), points out that we need to find a whole-body workout we can do in under an hour and enjoy it to ensure that we will stay active for life. Because the reality is that everyone is busy. Staying flexible, but at the same time committed to working out is the only way to make it work long-term. Luckily for us, Les Mills Pump, provides several ways to squeeze in an effective workout with segments ranging from 20-60 minutes. No excuses!

Watch the following video to get a better idea what LMP is all about:

The variation in speed and positions works your muscles in several different layers which results in those tight, shapely muscles while making your body strong and lean.

I also love how they give you many different options depending on what your goals are. So guys can work on getting bigger (if that’s what they want) by using heavier weights and the ladies can work themselves from flab to fab with light weights and high reps.
Now, I know that P90X, P90X2 and Brazil Butt Lift are based on the same principles. But none of those three programs provides a full-body strength workout in 20 minutes, like Les Mills Pump’s Pump Challenge workout. For busy people who have full-time jobs LMP is way easier to incorporate and stick with for that very reason.
Last but not certainly not least, the weighted plates and bar of my barbell fit perfectly into the lower compartments of my entertainment center (thank you, IKEA!). Now, bring on the burn!!
PS: You can get your LMP workout set here!



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