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Burn, baby, burn in all the right places with Brazil Butt Lift workouts

Although I have been getting great results with the Insanity workout program, I still struggled with the typical female problem areas of butt, thighs and belly. Getting rid of the proverbial tire around my waist seemed to require some extreme measures. Yes, even more extreme than Insanity. Short of opting for liposuction, I had no idea what it would take. Until I found the Brazil Butt Lift workouts or BBL as the Beachbody community calls them!

WOW–Leonardo’s exercises feel like a laser beam honing in on those stubborn fat cells to melt them away just like butter in a hot frying pan. Seriously. The burn actually feels great and I have already noticed significant improvement of my Bum Bum.

Granted, his style is a huge change of pace from Shaun T.’s boot camp, but he certainly designed the workouts with the precision of a brain surgeon. I kid you not.

While I still have two weeks left on the Insanity circuit I have decided to add BBL workouts on 2-3 days a week and work both programs as hybrid to get the best of both worlds.

The wonderful thing about all the different Beachbody workout programs is that you can pick the ones that serve your goals best to achieve optimum results.

Wearing a thong never felt so good.



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