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Brazil Butt Lift–the classic solution works like a laser beam on your problem areas

After deliberating about the appropriate workout schedule for my body type and ass-size, I officially started the Brazil Butt Lift workout program with the classic solution today.  The way I see it, the combination of too big, too low and whatever else might be wrong with my under-appreciated behind should take care of all issues once and for all.

During the Bum Bum workout I had trouble keeping up with trainer Leandro Carvalho who switches the moves faster than the Energizer bunny on speed. His accent also makes it a little hard to understand him and even while using captions I sometimes got confused by his terminology. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it this program is extremely effective as my sore butt cheeks enthusiastically confirm.

The Tummy Tuck workout could have fooled you into believing this was just another boring abs workout with the traditional crunches in the beginning. But as time went on I was impressed with Leandro’s rolling pin method of targeting every inch of abdominal muscles in well-thought out sequences. Not only was I hurting, but I almost drowned in a puddle of sweat on my pilates mat. I kid you not.

Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I did have the impression my abs showed more definition afterward. Of course, that vision could have been pain-induced. As for my butt, I will have to figure out how to take a rear-view pic.



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