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Train like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel with the Bikini Body workout

Alessandra AmbrosioIt is no secret that Leandro Carvalho trains supermodels, such as Victoria’s Secret hottie Alessandra Ambrosio, with his infamous Brazil Butt Lift workouts. The bikini body workout in his brand new BBL Master Series, however, will challenge your body in whole new ways so that you will want to flaunt your bikini-ready body at the beach or swimming pool at the end of the 30-day program for sure.

What I like best about the bikini body workout is the non-stop core engagement due to the use of a stability ball (similar to P90X2). Carvalho also effectively targets areas that are typically under-trained in most females (shoulders and chest) with dumbbells and push ups, not to mention holding the stability ball up until your ams fall off. As usual, it’s all about the angles as he uses 25 minutes of intense action to chisel not only the perfect booty, but a fit body that can be shown off in a tiny bikini as well as a hot pair of skinny jeans.

Astrid during bikini body workout

Astrid during bikini body workout.

I recommend drinking a lot of water prior to the workout since it is very fast-paced and includes only one water break.

Although the schedule does not require any additional cardio on the same day as the bikini workout and you definitely break a sweat with it, I would add a 20-minute run or walk if you have time for it. Because once your muscles are all warmed and pumped up you will burn even more calories during your cardio session.

The 25 minutes go by really fast, but will certainly make a huge difference in your appearance. I am sore in places that I never knew I had muscles in before.



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