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5 disadvantages of using illegal Beachbody workout downloads

Using illegal downloads or pirated copies of Beachbody workouts can seriously backfire and leave you frustrated and disappointed. Not just because you could go to jail, but rather because you are missing out on all the puzzle pieces that have helped people get incredible results with Beachbody workout programs like P90X and Insanity.
Although I understand the desire to save money, you have to ask yourself if you would buy a BMW without the engine. Because ultimately, that’s exactly what you gonna get with those downloads and here is why:

  • No workout schedule means no results.
    Since the workouts vary in intensity and were designed to build your muscles and stamina with the right amount of stress at the right time, using the DVD’s or downloads in any other order than intended will NOT produce the desired results. Just like you can’t put the roof on a house without putting up the walls first, you can’t mix and match the workouts randomly and expect to get ripped.
  • No free coach means no guidance, feedback or encouragement.
    For most people this is a crucial factor in their weight loss battle. Losing motivation is easy without a track to run on (like a workout schedule) and the advice of someone who knows exactly what you are going through while helping you get through any kind of issues.
  • No free Team Beachbody account means no free workout log, support forum, or workout buddies.
    Sharing your struggles and progress with like-minded people who are doing the exact same thing you are doing with the exact same workout program can be extremely helpful in reaching your goals. The workout log helps you stay on track.
  • No free nutrition and exercise guide means no improved nutrition.
    As side effect you might also lack energy and miss out on any visible results from your workouts since nutrition makes up 80 percent of the weight loss progress puzzle.
  • Free additional workout DVDs means more variety to prevent boredom.
    Yes, Beachbody is generous and always throws in freebies to reward loyal customers. And having more workouts at your disposal is definitely a good strategy for staying active.

If you are already using illegal downloads or pirated copies and need help making sense of it all, you can contact me here for free advice.
You can also set up your free Team Beachbody account here. No questions asked. 😉

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
– Zig Ziglar



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