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4 things I learned during Insanity’s recovery week

The 60 days of the INSANITYworkout program include a recovery week after the first 30 days are completed. But if you expect a laid back walk in the park as workout you are in for a huge surprise. I guess, the word recovery is completely open to interpretation.

What the trainer Shaun T. intended with the Core Cardio and Balance workout (which you will do for six consecutive days during the recovery week) goes way beyond recovery. And, yes, it’s still a tough workout.

After thoroughly confusing and challenging your body with a different workout every day during the first 30 days of Insanity, the main goal of the recovery week is certainly building new muscle tissue during the healing process.

Although I thought it would be boring to do the exact same workout for six days in a row, I have to admit that I grew to love it for several reasons:

  1. I could feel my body getting stronger each day while doing the same exercises.
  2. Increased strength allowed me to focus more on utilizing my core.
  3. Increased use of my core muscles during all exercises significantly sped up my fat loss.
  4. Stronger core muscles improved my balance

If you are thinking about skipping the recovery week– don’t! The benefits for your body should not be underestimated. Plus you will still work up a good sweat, not to mention how much better prepared you will be for month two.

Considering that Shaun will turn up the intensity you better be ready to dig deep. I can’t wait to see what amazing progress I will make in month two.



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