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4 reasons why I will never stop doing Insanity workouts

After an entire year of doing several different Beachbody workout programs I have finally come full circle by returning to my very first successful, hardcore home fitness program: Insanity. During my first round of Insanity lost 20 pounds and finally fit into my skinny jeans again.

Yet, I still had some work left to do on  reshaping my booty and thighs, which had expanded south-, west- and eastward. So I tried Brazil Butt Lift, which worked like a laser beam on my problem areas. Unfortunately, I started gaining some of my weight back though due to the lower intensity of BBL.

P90X2 was a short lived love affair because the workouts were too long to fit into my new work schedule and I frankly lacked the patience to listen to Tony’s jokes this early in the morning.

When Les Mills Pump came out, I figured adding weight training might be the solution to my weight maintenance dilemma. Although I loved the new physical strength gained with LMP I did not achieve the same lean physique I got with Insanity.

As a result, I have decided to make Insanity the core program in my fitness regime again while adding other programs for a hybrid effect. At least until Les Mills Combat comes out, which looks like it’s a massive fat burner, too. Of course I need to keep using BBL to some extent too since my booty definitely benefited from the extra attention. I will start posting my weekly hybrid schedule so you can try it with me.

But here are my 4 main reasons why I will never stop doing Insanity workouts:

  1. I need the intensity of Insanity to keep my fat furnace running in over-drive
  2. I love the lean physique that results from doing Insanity workouts
  3. I am addicted to the massive production of endorphines during Insanity workouts
  4. I really enjoy doing Insanity workouts because Shawn T. always pushes me past my limits
Are you ready to join me in my next Insanity challenge???



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