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4 reasons why I love “Insanity: The Asylum” workouts

Asylum workouts build athletic muscles fast

After completing several rounds of the 60-day Insanity workout program I figured my body was ready, able and willing to take on a new challenge. So I finally got my hands on The Asylum program, which is basically the next level of Insanity–in every sense of the word!!!

Aside from testing my speed, agility and strength it mostly forced me to push well beyond my existing limits. It really comes down to hard core will power and mental focus. It’s truly amazing how much impact your mind has on your physical performance. I ended up going so far past my limits that I was in excruciating physical pain after the Speed & Agility and Strength workouts although Shaun T. kept reminding me to “know my limits.”

So I had to take a day off to heal up before I tackle Vertical Plyo, Game Day, or Back to Core. Will probably opt for the Relief workout next.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what Asylum workouts are like:

Nevertheless, I have to say that the Asylum workouts are my absolutely favorites out of all the Beachbody programs I have tried so far and here is why:

  1. 50 minutes of intense activity during Asylum workouts go by so incredibly fast– time indeed flies when you are having fun!
  2. The focus on speed, agility and strength helps me build my fast twitch muscles alongside my slow twitch muscles which makes for a lean, athletic physique.
  3. My mental focus in other areas of life is better than ever thanks to the mental challenge during the workouts.
  4. I am training muscles in my body that I never even knew I had (yes, they are currently beyond sore) which makes Asylum, hands down, the best home workout program I have ever tried!



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