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3 tips for getting rid of stubborn belly fat before summer

In one of Brazil Butt Lift creator Leandro Carvalho’s recent TeamBeachbody live video chats, one of the TeamBeachbody members asked  for advice on how to lose that stubborn belly fat. Believe it or not, the tummy is the easiest part of your body to slim down! All you need to do is three things and the belly fat will go away within 1-3 months.
You have to do these three things together, and you have to be serious about it:

  1. Fix your diet! At least 70% of the results you will see in your stomach is your diet. Watch the video below for info on what you need to eat, and what you need to cut out of your diet in order to lose your belly fat. 
  2. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio. It’s going to burn that layer of fat around the waistline. 
  3. Do your abdominal work – whether you’re doing crunches or squats, you have to work your core. Carvalho’s “Tummy Tuck” video has a lot of core and functional training that will help you stabilize your body. 

Watch the video below for more great tips on getting sexy abs:




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