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3 reasons why I love being strong

After only 10 days of working out with Les Mills Pump I can totally feel and see the difference in my body. This program gives me super powers. It’s amazing how much stronger and leaner I have gotten in this short amount of time. They really are not kidding when they tell you that the so-called “rep-effect” chisels your body at the speed of light.
Although I was by no means weak before I started LMP thanks to the two rounds of Insanity, P90X2, and Brazil Butt Lift, carrying the groceries up to the third floor did leave me huffing and puffing a little bit. Especially my upper body strength was seriously lacking as picking up a case of bottled water was challenging enough to make me break out into sweat.
Today, however, I had to get those cases of water from the top of the pile at Walmart, which happened to be way above my head. At first I was worried the water would end up hitting me flat in the face if my arms could not handle the weight. But given that I had no choice since there was nothing positioned lower I just went for it and was utterly amazed by my new physical strength. Believe it or not, but after my Pump and Shred workout earlier today lifting those three cases of water above my head felt super easy. I even enjoyed it!
Aside from the physical accomplishment I also love that I don’t need to ask anyone for help anymore. That sense of independence is frankly priceless.
Last but not least, I have an amazing amount of energy all day long. Even tackled cleaning the mildew off the doors on my balcony which took an incredible amount of scrubbing. And let me tell you–before LMP I could not get that stuff off at all. But today I just kept scrubbing like my life was depending on it and got it all off.
So being strong is simply awesome. I honestly feel like I can do anything now. Looking better is just the icing on the cake.



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