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Weight loss total solution packs will provide you with the tools for successful, long-term weight loss. They also help you save money since the included products are discounted. Simply pick the home workout program and Shakeology flavor of your choice. Then send Coach Astrid a message so that you can receive free coaching, motivation and support.

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How I rediscovered Insanity workouts–back to the beginning

Published on May 30, 2022 by in insanity
Insanity workouts with Shaun T

It has been a solid decade since I last did the Insanity workout program with Team Beachbody trainer Shaun T. My results back then were truly amazing and I thought I would be fit for life. Alas, fitness is a journey and requires constant commitment. You can’t expect your results to last a lifetime if you stop putting in the work. Not to mention that aging can do a number on your body, too. But that doesn’t meant that you should just give up and let yourself go. And if you have truly given up on your fitness, fret not, it’s never too late to get back on the ball.

As case in point, I just restarted my fitness journey after getting flatlined by Covid. With extremely low energy levels and almost constant chest pain I had to work on restoring my stamina in very small steps. Started with 10-15 minutes a day on my exercise bike and worked myself up to 30-45 minutes of daily cycling. Once again, the results, or rather the lack of results were truly frustrating. Sure, my energy levels improved and I felt better when performing physical activities. But the flab stayed put.

Then I remembered that my body had responded well to the high intensity workouts that the Insanity program is so famous for and I decided to give it another shot. Ready or not, I committed to it and completed my very first plyometric cardio circuit this morning. If you think I’m too old for this craziness, let me tell you that you are wrong. I mean, sure, I will be sore tomorrow. But today I feel like a million bucks. Remember, your mind is your strongest tool.

Since Insanity is a 60-day program with a recovery week after the first month, you may wonder if I am going to stick with it or let life derail me from my goals again. To be honest, I will have to rearrange my schedule to fit in the 45-50 minute daily workouts. That means getting up an hour earlier. But I know I can do this, and so can you! It’s about making time, not hoping that someone will knock on your door and invite you to work out. And if you think you should wait until you “feel like it,” think again– that’s just not going to happen. What I’m trying to say is that these workouts are hard, and they will push you to your limits and beyond. So you probably won’t wake up thinking:”Oh, I can’t wait to get my Insanity workout done.” But I promise you this: You will feel like this is the best thing you have ever done for yourself and that will keep you coming back for more. That’s the truth and I’m sticking to it.

Today I feel like I have come full circle. As frustrating as starting over can be, it feels good to know that change is possible at any time in your life. From good to bad, as well as from bad to good. Set a goal for yourself, make a plan and run with it! If you need help with your fitness goals, you know where to find me.

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Free BODi sample workout with Autumn Calebrese

Try this immersive Burn workout with trainer Autumn Calebrese (creator of 21 Day Fix) to experience the class setting Beachbody offers in the safety and comfort of your home through BODi. It’s like attending a live class at the gym without the hassle of traveling through traffic or wearing a mask. Not to mention that saving money on gas right now is priceless thanks to the astronomically high gas prices.

This free sample workout consists of high intensity intervals with floor and standing exercises for 30 minutes. If you feel more motivated when working out with a group, then you should definitely check out the other BODi live workouts currently offered in BETA as part of the Nutrition+ program. The official launch date for BODi is October 19 and monthly membership fees will run around $19.95, with or without the BODi MyX bike. In other words, you don’t need the bike to get the BODi membership. But you still have to purchase the BODi membership, even if you buy the bike because it is not included automatically. You can find more info on the BODiMyX bike here.

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Beachbody premiers the new BODi MYX bike, home fitness studio

Move over Peloton, there is a new bike in town. Here is your chance to have your proverbial home fitness cake and eat it too with Beachbody’s brand new professional grade MYX bike that allows you to train in live interactive classes from the comfort of your living or workout room (if you have that kind of space). The swivel screen also doubles as your TV screen for any of the other Beachbody on Demand (BOD) classes, so you can squeeze your bike into any corner without having to worry about setting up an additional TV.

If all of this reminds you of the Peloton exercise bike, let me tell you, you are not wrong. However, there are some differences. If you want to compare the two, check out this chart:

All things considered, I would say that the BOD MYX fitness home studio seems to offer just a little bit more convenience in terms of rider height spectrum and the fact that you can pause your workouts if needed. Not to mention that having to buy cycling shoes would be just a little too much for some of us. So it’s a good thing Beachbody designed the pedals for any type of exercise shoes. The BOD bike also takes up less space than the Peloton, which is definitely a plus for anyone living in an apartment or small house. And even price-wise Beachbody beats Peloton as it is about $100 cheaper in total cost, which translates into a $9-savings if you opt for the monthly payment plan. Needless to say, there is a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee offered by Beachbody for the first 30 days, so you can return the BOD MYX bike if you are truly not getting anything out of it.

Now, if you have ever owned a treadmill or stationary exercise bike that were basically just collecting dust, you might feel inclined to write this new BOD MYX bike off rather quickly. But keep in mind that it doubles as your home fitness studio and offers interactive participation in live online classes, which might just help beat the COVID isolation blues and spur you on to better performance. Is it worth the price? You won’t know until you try it.

Click here to find out more about the BOD MYX bike.

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Muscle Burns Fat and keeps you young

Trainer Megan Davies created the MBF workouts to incinerate unwanted body fat

If you have been looking for a secret weapon to whip your aging, flabby body back into shape, look no further than the Muscle Burns Fat (mbf) workout program. It’s a blend of weight training and cardio sessions that will melt any unwanted fat right off your problem areas with daily workouts streamed right into the comfort of your living room. Trainer Megan Davies makes it easy to follow her symmetrical and asymmetrical exercises even if you have never worked out with weights before.

Needless to say, building muscles also has the positive side effect of you being stronger and feeling more energetic throughout your day, no extra dose of caffeine required. Not to mention that stronger muscles also aid in injury prevention.

Of course this doesn’t mean that mbf workouts will turn you into the Hulk. But you will definitely end up with a leaner physique since muscle tissue has a higher density than fat. So even if your body weight does not change significantly, you should be able to fit better into your clothes thanks to the inches lost. Make sure to measure yourself before and after the 3-week program to evaluate your weight loss and transformation results.

Don’t forget about nutrition

Know what else happens when you work out with weights? Your metabolism goes into hyper drive. In other words, you burn more calories throughout the day, even when you are sitting at your desk. And yes, you might feel hungrier than usual as a result. That’s why it is important to seriously commit to healthy nutrition. Otherwise you are just sabotaging yourself. If you need help in this department, you can use the Ultimate Portion Fix Kit or the 2B Mindset Kit. Both are designed to help you change and understand your daily nutrition choices for life, not as temporary diet fix.

Check out the 30-minute sample workout video below:

Ready to get your sweat on with #mbf? Click here to access the complete program via Beachbody on Demand.

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Stretching equals good health regardless of fitness routine

Stretching is vital for good health

You might think that stretching is only for athletes, but think again! Everyone needs stretching to prevent joint stiffness and muscle aches, even more so as we get older.

If you have a desk job and spend your free time as a couch potato without any type of fitness routine, you will most likely experience back pain on a daily basis because your unused muscles, ligaments, and joints pretty much slowly weaken and deteriorate. This results in your ever-diminishing flexibility (ever wonder why it keeps getting harder to bend over as you get older?!). So if you can still reach your toes from a standing or sitting position, congratulations! If not, it’s time to get your stretch on at least two to three times a week. But why stop there– for best results stretch daily for 5-15 minutes. It could be part of your bed time routine and help you relax to get a good night’s rest.

Needless to say, if you do work out as part of a fitness and weight loss plan, it is simply imperative to perform basic stretching exercises before and after your workout sessions to prevent injury. And speaking of injury– stretching can aid the healing process, but be sure to use your body as a guide. In other words: stop when it hurts! Effective stretching is supposed to feel challenging as our flexibility improves, but it should never result in pain.

Recommended stretching exercise videos:

Controlled Stretch videos with Autumn My personal favorites are the short “Controlled Stretch” videos with Autumn Calebrese available via Beachbody on Demand. They are calming and feel good. Autumn explains the technique and purpose of each stretch to help you understand and master it. You can use the videos with any other workout program or by themselves as a solid stretching routine. Check them out and let me know what you think.

If you want free coaching from me, you can click here to sign up for a free Team Beachbody account.

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Why dehydration is making you fat and sick

Summer may be almost over, but dehydration can wreck havoc on your body all year round if you are not drinking enough water.

Dehydration can cause weight gain, headaches, as well as body aches, and ultimately lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. You might also experience constipation, allergy symptoms, skin irritations, high blood pressure, and a whole lot of other health issues that will become acute as part of a biological chain reaction as your body struggles to maintain normal processes in spite of the lack of water. Listen to your body and adjust your physical activity accordingly. Needless to say, sweating during any kind of physical activity is normal and lost fluids must be replenished. So drink up before, during and after your workouts.

Don’t be surprised if the pounds are starting to creep on suddenly, too. Weight gain can be caused by choosing food instead of water when battling low energy that is in fact a result of dehydration. Not to mention that a lack of energy typically results in a lack of activity. So before you grab a snack when feeling tired, try drinking a cup of water first.

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